You are a hard-working father or mother, self-employed or employed. You take responsibility, you enjoy having family, friends and colleagues around you. You have your own mission, both personally and professionally and you have a clear vision of how you want to spend your time here. Still there are moments of doubt, you think a lot, you’re uhming and erring, maybe keep creating lists. You experience getting stuck without being able to immediately put your finger on it. Yet you sense it is draining energy in every way. The moments of enjoyment are growing scarce. Where is the freedom from before, the fun and passion in your daily programme? What happened to the space both in your mind and in your surroundings allowing you to think clearly about it all? You long for that fire, the fun, more freedom and more space. For your inspiration and creativity to flow again. To achieve this, you’ll have to make choices, say no and set boundaries. You know this already, but it’s not always easy. The fire must be lit, with new winds blowing, both around you and within your mind. You are done with it and you feel ready to go into action. But how, with whom and where do you start? I’m offering you to explore your next step together. With new insights and rekindled beliefs you will soon be making different choices. More aware and with a sharper eye. Re-examine your own conditions. Recalibrate. Take those next steps according to your own plan, freely and with great pleasure.

What's the plan of action?


We will meet once you have completed the intake form. Following this, we will have a first introductory meeting. If we both feel I can help you further, we’ll get started. Together. That is possible at my premises or on location, preferably live.


Weekly you log what happens to you at work or at home. That is, among other things, the input for our conversations. In this way you formulate questions and insights, you reflect and we create a rhythm in your journey. I will send you both feedback and assignments and I will make sure to keep you sharp.


I can also be available to you between sessions. If you run into acute issues or are in a pinch, we’ll be in touch or we build in extra time.


Your investment in time and money ultimately depends on our form of partnership. We will be working together for at least half a year. How often we’ll meet is to be clarified after our first meeting. Based on this I will formulate a plan.

What does it take?

You are willing to invest in yourself in terms of a mindful focus, energy, time and money. In order to achieve change, growth and insight, you will have to put in the effort. This is not always easy or comfortable. At times it can be a little rough. Doubts and resistance are part of it. You are curious and not afraid of getting critical questions. You have a sense of responsibility and you take this process seriously. You fully understand that personal growth is not accomplished overnight. There is no step-by-step manual. After all, everyone is different. I’ll go all-in if you do too. “If you go for speed, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

What's next?

Once we’re on the journey together, your choices will feel more free, conscious and in line with how you want to live your life. You’ll have a better understanding of yourself, you feel stronger and more solid. You’ll be able to set boundaries and priorities in a sharper manner. You’ll be less influenced by the opinions and actions of others, because you know what you want. You’ll experience both pleasure and freedom again and feel ready to take action.

Who am I?

After my studies in Communication Science, I worked as a marketing and brand manager at various companies. For more than twenty-five years now, I have been an entrepreneur in the world of film, television and theater. As an agent/manager I accompanied actors and actresses to their stage. Fascinated by their talent, development and overall business guidance, I started to look deeper into the script development of people themselves. Meanwhile, other talents in a completely different area have also come forward. Your script too is my starting point. I’d love to hear your story. Mine is here. Start by Starting.